ELITE TOYS LIMITED is a leading toys distributor in Hong Kong and Macau markets since 2003. We handle the distribution for various Japanese renowned brands of high-value and quality collectible toy products in all sales and marketing aspects.


In addition to promoting Japanese toy products, we are committed to bring the energetic trend of Japanese animate culture into local market to lead a prevailing development among toys industry. At the same time, we endeavor to follow the enquiries of our customers and consumers by providing professional after-sale service.


We have years of experience in business development. Our distribution channels cover a large network in Hong Kong and Macau region, including department store, chain store, book store, toys store, model store, etc.

Moreover, our wholesale business spanned the rest of the world including countries in Asia, Europe and America. Customers can easily reach the exquisite toys products from our oversea network.

In order to boost the popularity of brands and the sales result of products, we launch retail marketing strategies in different channels accordingly and provide marketing support with the retailers.


The toy products we handle are mainly from characters of cartoons, comics, animations or movies made by different Japanese manufacturers. They include ACTION FIGURE, PVC FIGURE, CANDY TOY, VEHICLE, MODEL KIT, DIE-CAST, life-style PREMIUM and so on. All are valuable collectibles for consumers.


As an official distributor, we carry out marketing promotion campaigns from time to time. We spread our messages through traditional media like newspapers, magazines and TV, etc. and organize roadshows and exhibitions as well. Trendy media such as social media network and mobile website are also our means to execute direct marketing to our target audience. By these sorts of means, we interact with our customers and consumers directly and promote our products effectively.

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